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My name is Sapna Roy, I am a student of Digital Deepak and today I am going to discuss the Digital Deepak Internship program, the turning point of my Digital Career.

 But before doing a deep dive into the details I have the following questions for you.

Are you looking to start a side hustle and don’t know where to start from?

Do you want to start another source of income for yourself along with your current Job?

Are you tired of your present 9 to 5 job and want to start your own venture?

Have you always wanted to work as a freelancer but had questions

like what to start, from where to start, what are the skills required for it

and where should I learn them from?

These were some of the questions I had before I decided to join the Digital Marketing internship program.

Well, I have answers to all your queries and also a solution that will help you make your dreams come alive.

This article will give you a clear road map of what to start, where to start from, how to start, what are the skills required, and many more questions that you might have before starting.

In this article, I am going to talk about the upcoming and in-demand skills of Digital Marketing. What are the various components of Digital Marketing and how it will help you to be an Entrepreneur, expand your business and bring more visibility to your business digitally, how to become a Freelancer and start your own Freelancing business, how to grow in your current organization and if you are a student why this career is the best choice for you.

Who is this article for?

This article is for bloggers, students, professionals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, mentors, and for everyone else who wants to make their life a meaningful one.

 Well, so let me start with my introduction first and my Journey in Digital Marketing.

My name is Sapna Debnath Roy. I have worked in Standard Chartered Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance, and Aegon Life Insurance for almost 13 years. Post which I decided to move towards my personal life and start a family. 

Since I was on a sabbatical break, I was reluctant to go back to corporate life hence I decided that I should start my own freelancing business but didn’t know where to start from.

I did a lot of brainstorming and introspection on what I like and what is my passion etc. In my last company, there was a Digital Marketing team on my floor and I was always intrigued by what exactly is the work profile that gives them so much of a limelight in the company.

So now was the time when I decided to find out what exactly Digital Marketing professionals do, I started with research on Digital Marketing. I connected with a few of my friends on what this is all about. I did a few courses on Udemy and Simplilearn but I could not put anything into practice. 

Then I came across one of the videos of Digital Deepak on YouTube where my mentor Deepak Kanakaraju had conducted a webinar on SEO(Search Engine Optimization). The video was very interesting and insightful and was a good one and a half-hour video. 

I did some research on Digital Deepak and visited their website and enrolled in their free digital marketing course.

Each day I received 1 email which I read and my interest and trust on Digital Deepak increased. I wanted to do a course in Digital Marketing but I was always skeptical that after investing a huge sum of money what if I am not able to put things to practice. Then I came across this Digital Marketing internship program.

This Digital Marketing internship program not only offered a cashback but also gave me the experience of live projects which I could present to my prospective employers if I want to join a company or show it to my prospective clients if I want to start my own freelancing business.

And I enrolled in their Internship program and my experience was mind-blowing and life-changing. The course made me come out of my comfort zone and forced me to be a  2.0 version of myself. I was a person who was afraid of facing the camera and here I am today creating YouTube videos and writing this big article.

Before diving into the program details, I want to share some information about my mentor Deepak Kanakaraju sir.

Who is Deepak Kanakaraju?

Deepak Kanakaraju is a digital marketing professional, Entrepreneur, Author, Trainer, Consultant, and also TEDx speaker. He runs a

digital marketing company called PixelTrack and has many Fortune 500 companies as his clients. He has written a book named “Edge of sanity” which you can find on Amazon as well. He runs the world’s largest Digital Marketing group on Facebook called Learn Digital Marketing.

He has created more than 12+ digital marketing courses and the Digital Deepak Internship program is one of his best programs. In fact, his Digital Deepak Internship program is the only program in the country that offers cashback along with the learnings that he offers in his program.


I want to share some of the USPs of the Digital Deepak internship program.

  1.   As I mentioned earlier, the Digital Deepak Internship program is the only program in the country that offers cashback along with the learnings in the form of Assignment projects. On successful submission of the assignments, the cashback are given. All the interns who complete and submit the assignments within the timelines are rewarded with the cashback and believe me guys in my batch the assignment completion ratio is more than 90%.
  2.   The fees of this internship program are very reasonable as compared to the courses offered by the business schools across India. Not to mention since the entire amount is a cashback received so technically this program is free.
  3.   Another best part about this program is that it does not take more than 3 hours to complete the assignments on each topic that is included in the syllabus of the course.
  4.   This program gives a fair knowledge of all the areas of Digital marketing making us a T-Shaped Digital Marketer and we can handle any area of Digital Marketing confidently. And once we gain substantial knowledge of all the topics, we can deep dive in any one specific topic which interests us more.


My learnings:

Some of my learnings from the Digital Deepak Internship program

both personally and professionally. I am not going to discuss the syllabus of this course here; you can find that out in the program itself.

Personal Growth:    

  • Discipline and passion are the core qualities to be successful and happy in life as well as in a career.
  •  Personal life and professional life are not different. We need to be happy on both the fronts of our lives to be successful. Success means happiness in all the spheres of life.
  • Exercise, meditate, read, stay positive, be with positive people, and push yourself to the fullest to reach your goals.
  • Reading is an important skill that has many benefits. Reading increases concentration helps gain more knowledge and if books are your friends you will never be bored.

These are some of the ideologies which my mentor Deepak teaches all his Interns and Students.


Professional Growth:

  •  I learned the art of writing, even though I always wanted to be a writer but the Digital Deepak internship program taught me how to articulate my thoughts and put them in words.
  • I learned how to select my niche, create my blog, and how to drive traffic.
  •  I learned Content writing and Content marketing
  •   I learned how to run Google ads and Facebook ads successfully
  •  I learned Lead generation and Email marketing
  •  I learned the most important skill of all i.e., how to do sales and approach business for my products.
  •  How to build a personal brand.
  • Social media and its importance
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • How to do Freelancing
  • How to start Affiliate marketing and many more

Now you might be having this question as to how can you implement these skills in your professional life.

So, the answer to these are:

  •  If you are an Entrepreneur: by learning these skills you will be able to increase sales, revenue, leads, brand awareness, and overall grow your business.
  •  If you want to be a freelancer: you will be able to approach business and grow your freelance business.
  •   If you are a student and want to start your freelance business: this course will give you a guideline on building your portfolio, how to approach new business, and sell your service.
  •  If you want to join a company: you can join as a fresher with these acquired skills. And the bonus points if Digital Deepak feels that you are the right candidate you can be offered the job in Digital Deepak.
  • If you are a blogger, you can start your own blog and write for yourself or be a freelance writer and do ghostwriting.

On the personal front, apart from all the above-mentioned points, what I also appreciate more about Digital Deepak is:

  •  The quality of content is high and all the courses offered by Digital Deepak are very reasonably priced.
  • After joining the Digital Deepak Internship program, I am a part of a Tribe of like-minded people of Digital Deepak where all the members are very helpful and ready to help you with all the possible queries you have.

Deepak sir is an avid reader and recommends a lot of books on his every course module in this internship program that we can read that helps to gain more knowledge in the particular subject and if you are also a reader too then you will love his sessions even more.

So here, I want to recommend the Digital Deepak internship program

to all the enthusiasts, bloggers, students, professionals, freelancers,

entrepreneurs, mentors, and everyone else who wants to start their own business or be a freelancer.

I know your next question will be:

What are the fees for this internship program?

If you actually search in the market, you will understand that most of the business schools that offer digital marketing courses are prized more than ₹ 50,000 to ₹ 1,00,000 but Digital Deepak offers this course at a much lesser price. 

Also, Digital Deepak offers cashback for this course which acts as a motivational factor for most of the students and interns to complete their assignments on time so if you look at it, this course comes for free.

 How can I join the Digital Deepak Internship program?

Here I am giving the link to the internship program. It will take a few minutes to fill this form and complete your application. Register for the launch webinar and gear up to start your digital journey.

Register here



Now let me mention some of the benefits along with all the

benefits that I have mentioned above:

  1.   Earn while you learn. Yes, I am talking about the cash backs of this program which I have discussed in detail.
  2.   At the end of the program, you will have your own Blog, up and

running with many articles published.

  1.   A couple of freelance projects in your kitty or a Job if that’s what you wish for.
  2.   Many of his best articles and membership in his tribe for free to name a few.
  3.   You will receive cashback to your account on every successful assignment submission.
  4. You will be ready with an outline of a book that you wish to write and publish someday if you want to author a book(this is a part of the assignment).



The review written by me is my experience and I suggest everyone Those who want to pursue a career in Digital Marketing should consider this Digital Deepak Internship program.

We can learn Digital Marketing from blogs, YouTube videos or from any other source but if we do not put the learnings into practice then we will never be able to learn what we have actually learned and Digital Deepak ensures that every intern who completes this course is ready with her/his portfolio before they enter the market.

After reading my article if you are also interested in exploring

this career then don’t forget to submit your application because please note admission to the internship is strictly on the basis of application.

So guys what are you waiting for, go on and register here.

And if you have any questions, drop in your questions and

suggestions in the comment box and I will answer you.


Sapna Roy








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