Its an irony isn’t it. Before we have kids, we don’t think about parenting and once we become parents, we don’t have time to learn it. Just imagine every job in the world is done with skills learned and training done, starting from a plumber to an Engineer, who has had his training before jumping on the work. And we parents, jump into parenting without any of these. So technically, we parents are doing the toughest job in the world, rising human beings, without  any formal training or skills, just on this basis of things heard or our “Gut feeling” And the end result?  the screaming and yelling and later feeling guilty and drifted. Most of us parents, new or already parents are often lost and unsure what to do when faced with a difficult situation. Its time to change. Why turn to for Positive Parenting? When our child is born, the world changes, of our child and of us, offcourse! We now have the whole new world of this little one with their own will, their own emotions and their own needs and us with this whole change of paradigm of our own lives as well. We have to deal with our own emotions, wills and needs as well as their emotions, wills and needs. I know this because I am a parent too. We as a parent, not only have the responsibility to grow a healthy child but also to nurture their childhood to make them grow into a confident adult. And to achieve this we parents face lots of challenges.  So me at will become your companion in your journey and guide you through all possible steps.  
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