8 Parenting Tips or basics every parent should practice to develop our child to be an initiator, an explorer and a self-learner

In this blog, I am going to talk about Positive parenting and I will be sharing 8 positive parenting tips and parenting skills for infants and toddlers to develop our babies to be an initiator, self-learner, and explorer.

Positive parenting is more like a lifestyle that we inculcate in ourselves to raise a happy & confident child, rather than a habit of doing things in a certain way with our child.

Positive parenting can be summed up as an awareness of our babies. This means perceiving and acknowledging our babies as unique and separate identities and separate people. We enhance our awareness by conscious observation allowing them the opportunity and space to show us who they are and what they need.

Through our sensitive observations, we learn not to jump to conclusions for example, that our babies are bored, tired, irritated, hungry or want to hold the toy that they have noticed. We learn not to assume that grumbling or irritated mean that baby needs to be picked up or given the chocolate that they have been eyeing on for a while.

Below mentioned are 8 tips of positive parenting for our child to :

  1. Communicate authentically:

Speak to your child authentically and not jargons. Use real words and talk about real things, especially that directly pertaining them and are currently happening now. Encourage babies to build communication skills by asking them questions, allowing them plenty of time to respond and acknowledge their communication.

  1. Invite babies in actively participating in activities:

Involve your babies in activities like changing diapers, bathing, meal times, bedtime rituals and give them undivided attention during these activities. This focussed attention nurtures the parent-child relationship. This also gives a sense of security to the child allowing them to engage in self-directed plays.

  1. Encourage self-directed plays:

Inspire your child to indulge in self-directed free play opportunities, observing them from far and not interrupting them. This will give assurance to your baby that you are trusting their play and that you are with them and that they are safe.


  1. Allow children to develop motor and cognitive skills naturally:

Motivate your child to develop these skills by offering them free play and movement opportunities in an enriching environment, rather than restricting, teaching, or otherwise interfering in these natural processes. Our primary goal as a parent in the development of the child is Trust.

  1. Encourage your child to lead and trust their instincts:

Allow your child to lead when they play and choose activities that enrich them rather than projecting to them what game we want them to play.

  1. Encourage your child to express their emotions by openly accepting them and acknowledging them.
  1. Our child needs to be heard, understood, acknowledged, empathized, and consoled and not shaming, distractions, punishments, and time-out.

  1. Our children learn more by observing us and are learning through our every action and word about love, relationships, patience, generosity, empathy, gratitude, honesty, kindness, tolerance, and respect.

In a nutshell, through positive parenting we will raise a child who is confident, competent, attentive, exploring, secure, peaceful, cooperative, self-initiating, contented, and an inner-directed individual.

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