8 budget-friendly ways to decorate your house this Diwali!

budget-friendly ways to decorate your house this Diwali

This Diwali welcome Goddess Lakshmi into a warm, bright, and cheery-looking house without pinching your bank account.

Presenting 8 budget-friendly ways to decorate your house this Diwali. Diwali is around the corner and you might be figuring out ways to decorate your house within your budget.

I have mentioned a few important and essential steps that will help you clean, declutter and decorate your house this Diwali.

1. Deep clean your house:

Add brightness to your house to get clarity of thoughts. Go ahead, by cleaning every corner of your house. Declutter every bit, get rid of broken and old items, things that you don’t use or clothes that you don’t wear anymore. Dry clean your sofas, beds, organise wardrobes and cabinets. Buy organizers online and get professional help if needed.

2. Fresh paint:

Fresh Paint

Get fresh paint done to the walls of your house to get a brighter and newer look to your home. You can also explore textured paint, 3D painting done, wallpaper, or stencil art done to your walls.

3. Upgrade the upholstery:

Consider upgrading the upholstery of your sofas, bed sheets, curtains, table runners, and table mats to give a new look to your surroundings.

4. Diwali lights:

Diwali lights:
Decorative lights in a temple during an Indian festival or celebration

Clay diyas give a contemporary look to the house. You can also try decorative clay diyas, colorful LED fairy lights, lanterns, multi-colored lights, or you can simply place the led fairy lights in a mason jar or a clear beer bottle and place it in the hall and see the magic

5. Use Traditional Diwali decorations:

Use Traditional Diwali decorations

Make use of terracotta diyas, make Rangoli at the entrance of your home with colors or with flowers along with clay diyas. Hang a toran at the entrance of your home. Place a glass bowl, fill it with water and decorate it with flowers.

6. Introduce metals:

Introduce Metals

Make use of metals like brass or copper or silver diyas for performing puja at home.

7. Decorate with Flowers:

Decorate with flowers

Decorate your house with flowers, decorate the doorway, balcony, wrap the pillars or the stair railing with marigold garlands. A vase with fresh flowers on the dining table or the coffee table can become the centerpiece of your house.

8. Add a touch of fragrance:

Use scented candles or aromatherapy candles, potpourri, or air freshener or scented oil diffuser to create that beautiful ambiance in your house.

Make some Healthy Homemade Sweets for Children this Diwali.

To sum it up, try these tips and welcome Goddess Lakshmi into a clean, vibrant, bright, fresh, and fragranced home.

Have a Happy Diwali and a Safe Diwali.

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