7 ways you can raise a successful child without overparenting!

4 ways you can raise a successful child without overparenting!

Child parent relationship is very sensitive and every step taken here by the parents has a direct impact on our child.

We as parents want to raise our children to be successful but how many of us know how to do it?

Our old school of thought teaches us to discipline our kids by punishing kids or beating them up. Do you feel this is the right way of parenting?

In this article, I am going to discuss difficult (for the parents) but effective 7 ways you can raise a successful child without overparenting.

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You, me, and all the parents out there want their kids to be happy, successful, independent, and intelligent. But do we know how to do it with the right balance?

When we as a parent go over and beyond to drive our child to succeed, we tend to spoon feed our child through their every milestone, then we are likely to raise a dependent child.

On the contrary, if we believe in disciplining our children by punishing them or setting rules, we are most likely to raise an underconfident and low on self-esteem child.

Having said that, both these measures will turn to be ineffective as these both are two extremes.

Now, if you are a parent who want to raise a successful child but still want to maintain a balanced relationship with your child then here’s how you can do it.

Guide them, but let them take the control:

Guide them, but let them take the control:

We, as parents,our job is to guide our children in every situation, be it easy or difficult. While we want to be there in every decision they make, we don’t want to spoon-feed them, thereby making them dependent on us. Having said that, while it is good that we give our children a boost every now and then, let them take control of their situation. Help them in making decisions, but do not overshadow them with their choices.

Don’t just raise happy kids, but focus on making them responsible:

Don’t just raise happy kids, but focus on making them responsible

We all parents want our kids to be happy, but is that the only goal? I am afraid not. Raising moral, ethical, and responsible children should be our prime goal.

If we think of just raising a happy child then our only will be to shield them from any danger and not allowing them to face the situation on their own.

If we want our kids to be successful and responsible then let them handle their situation and dirty their hands.

Without having experience or knowledge of handling any difficult situation, they are most likely to falter in future

Having said that, let them be responsible for their own situations and actions.

Make sure that they help you in chores without being asked:

Make sure that they help you in chores without being asked:

While education is of utmost importance, ensure that your child learns household chores. Involve your child in doing some basic chores like making their bed, cleaning their room, helping you baking, and other household things. This brings a sense of responsibility among kids. You can start with having you help initially but over time, make them keep to assist you without your request.

Make them instinctive and make them realize their duties without being asked to do them.

Say “yes” to communication and avoid punishments:

Say “yes” to communication and avoid punishments:

Talking to your child on a regular basis, asking them how was their day in school, how are their friends, etc, will help you understand your child’s needs. Also, stop resorting to punishments, rather talk and try and understand if they any help, hear them out, guide them, and let them express them efficiently.

Encourage your kids to address their queries to you at every step so that they understand that they are going in the right direction.

Remember that little things do matter:

Remember that little things do matter

Small things that parents do have a positive impact on children. Talking and listening to children, responding to them warmly, teaching them numbers and letters from a very early age, taking them on trips and visits, reading to them every day are some of the ways to establish that connection with our child.

Stop comparisons:

We as parents tend to compare our child with the child of others. Please understand and accept that every child is different and born with their own unique qualities. Comparisons amongst children put peer pressure on children thereby hampering their self-respect and self-esteem.

We don’t want our child to be a clone of our neighbor’s child, we don’t right



Always appreciate your child on every milestone reached and every success received.

This helps boost their self-esteem and confidence.


Our children are the most unique gifts we have and we want them to be successful, intelligent, and happy. Help your child be what we want to be.

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