6 signs that your body needs a detox post-Diwali!

6 signs that your body needs a detox post-Diwali!

6 signs that your body needs a detox post-Diwali

So, the 5 days long Diwali is over, had a great Diwali, with lots of sweets and fried and oily snacks. Now your body has started feeling fatigued and feeling the wear and tear. Some of the best times of the year are Diwali or any holiday that leaves you tired and wanting a need for rejuvenation.

So, let us talk about the detox. If you are unsure why you need to detox your body then read below 8 signs that your mind and body are crying for help.

1. You are feeling tired, exhausted and overwhelmed

Let’s face it, decluttering, decorating, and doing all the preparation for Diwali is exhausting and your body needs to take some breath and needs a detox.

2. Your digestion has slowed down, sluggish, irregular and troublesome:

With loads of sugary and salty snacks that you have pushed inside your body, your body finally feels bloated, water retention, and a bad digestive system. A bad digestive system is the warning sign of toxic that has made its way inside your body and is causing a lot more trouble.

3. Your brains feel foggy and you suffer from headaches:

You are constantly forgetting things and the lack of sleep is adding to this problem. Lack of continuous sleep of 8 hours, stress, constipation, gas, and acidity is leading to constant pain in the head.

4. You are constantly irritable and ready to explode:

Lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle especially gulping down of no-nutrition food during the celebration has left you tired and irritable and ready to explode on anything

5. Dehydration:

A common by-product of overindulgence during festivals and vacations is less intake of water and more of other unnecessary drinks like tea, coffee, aerated drinks, etc that leave you dehydrated and leave you dry not allowing the other parts of the body to function properly.

6. Frequent mood swings, anxiety and insomnia:

Lack of proper sleep and rest, constipation, and headache has left you with mood swings, anxiety, and also insomnia.

So, what to do to post Diwali to overcome this stress and Detox our body?


1. Trust the H2O:

Yes, you heard it right. Water is the best medicine especially warm water early morning to flush out the toxins from your body. You can also try herbal tea, ginger tea, or green tea if you like. If you don’t like plain water, chop some cucumber and sweet line and add to your water bottle and sip it throughout the day.

2. Turmeric milk:

Drink Turmeric milk to soothe your throat. You may also sip on fennel water the whole day to keep you hydrated.

3. Say no to Sugar:Go sugarless for the entire week and watch the difference that you are able to sleep at night.

3. Say No to Sugar:

Go Sugarless for the entire week and watch the difference that you are able to sleep at night.

4. Go slow on your stomach:

Detox Smoothie

Avoid hard-to-digest food like fish, eggs, and meat. Go for clear soups and detox smoothies which are easy to digest and gentle on the stomach. You can also try some comfort food like Dal Khichadi with curd at night

5. Try and eat before sunset:

It is said that our digestion fire is at the highest when the sun is in the sky and the digestion fire reduces as the sun sets, hence it is advisable to finish the dinner before the sunset.

6. Try a physical activity:

You may try on a brisk walk or some exercise to get the momentum. This will help in digestion and a good night’s sleep.

7. 16 hours fasting:

Yes, I recommend 16 hours of fasting at least once a week. This will help reduce your calorie intake and help reduce weight.

But practice this 16-hour fasting under medical supervision and children, pregnant ladies, and people under lifestyle medication to avoid this.

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