20 Dashing DIY Boy First Birthday Themes

DIY Boy First Birthday Themes

Birthdays of our child are special events in the life of our lives, and the 1st birthday holds a special place.

Having a birthday party theme for this special occasion makes lives much easier for moms to arrange the birthday party arrangement in a structured way when shopping and planning the supplies for the birthday party.

In this article, I present 20 dashing DIY Boy First Birthday Themes.

1. Safari Jungle Theme:

Safari Jungle Theme

Which child does not love animals? and with lots of animals related props.  This one is the easiest party theme for arranging everything. Everyone has something for them in this theme so no child including the girls will feel left out.

2. Thomas the Train Theme:

Thomas the Train

Thomas the Train is a highly popular animated character amongst infants and toddlers, I am sure even you might be familiar with Thomas the Train. Your little train lover will love this birthday theme. Visit Pocket full of motherhood for more ideas on Thomas the Train theme.

3. Monster Truck Theme:

Another popular animated character amongst toddlers, especially boys who are crazy for Cars, just like my 2 years old who loves cars and sleeps with his car. I am sure this Monster Truck theme will be a huge hit. Get more ideas from Amanda Parker and Family and the kids will surely love it.

4. Colorful Trucks Theme:

Colorful Trucks Theme

Trucks can be colorful and bright also, they don’t have to be brown and muddy always. Get inspired and create an unforgettable birthday theme party for your baby.

5. Circus Theme:

Circus Theme

A circus theme is a great theme for kids who love animals, I mean which kid does not love animals? Hehe. While you can focus on tents and various animal masks, this theme provides unlimited return gift ideas as well. Get some inspiration from Oliver’s first birthday party theme.

6. Carnival Theme:

Carnival Theme

Similar to the Circus theme, this Carnival theme gives room to explore various colors, props, and various food items on the menu. Don’t hesitate to explore animals like dragons and other animals.

Do visit Pizzezzeria for more party arrangement ideas.

7. Doraemon Theme:

Doraemon Theme

Doraemon is the favorite cartoon character of almost all kids including parents, mine off course (smiles). Ever since Doraemon is introduced, it has become a household favorite for the cute little cat and this is a good party theme. Do visit Moms and munchkins for more Doraemon Pictures and party arrangement ideas.

8. Finding Nemo Theme:

Finding Nemo Theme

Finding Nemo is yet another fun party theme with various colors and sea creatures. Everyone is inspired by this character and which kid might have not seen this movie?

Visit Raising Whasians to check out how to plan for this theme.

9. Superman Theme:

Superman Theme

Superman is yet another all-time favorite character of kids, especially boys. My son loves Superman as well. So why not bring this Superman theme for their birthday party?

Karas party ideas have some great party arrangement themes.

10. Batman Theme:

Batman Theme

When you have a party them on Superman, then why not include Batman also in this club? definitely not.

Check out this budget-friendly party theme True Aim Education for party ideas.

10. Snowman Theme:

Snowman Theme

Snowman is an excellent party theme if your baby is a winter baby! Have a white background with the flavor of festive colors and you are good to go as shown in Amanda’s parties to go.

11. Frog Prince Theme:

Frog Prince Theme

We have all heard of the story of Frog prince. So as your little boy can dress in this birthday party as his gorgeous self and have fun with his friends as it is shown here in frog prince paperie.

12. Mickey Mouse Theme:

Mickey Mouse Theme

Most toddlers are a fan of Mickey Mouse clubhouse so why not recreate the same as a birthday party theme for your little boy as they have done in Mamas like me.

13. Disney Cars Theme:

Disney Cars Theme

Which boy does not like cars? I can bet not even one looking at the craze my 2-year-old has for Cars so why not have a birthday party theme of Disney Cars and let your baby have fun with cars and his friends

14. Disney Planes Theme:

Disney Planes Theme

If your boy is a fan of Cars, I am sure he must be a fan of Disney Planes as well. With all the quirks and personalities of their own, Disney planes are special and extraordinary. Disney Planes make a great party theme for all kindergarten kids.

15. Balloons Theme:

Balloons Theme

This one is a classic and loved by all kids, Balloons, so why not have a birthday party theme on balloons. This one is for sure the easiest one to do. 

16. Paper Airplanes Theme:

Paper Airplanes Theme

We all have made paper airplanes as a child so why not let our kids enjoy making paper Airplanes as well and have birthday party themes on paper airplanes. You can visit vintage party pearls for inspiration on Paper Planes ideas.

17. Planes Theme:

Planes Theme:


Whether your little boy is a fan of real planes or the plane movie or not, this party theme is always in fashion.

Space ships and laser beams have some amazing plane birthday party themes.

18. Rainbow Theme:

Rainbow Theme

A perfect first birthday party theme for both boys and girls. Brighten up the party with all the different colors of rainbow and don’t hesitate to explore all possible birthday props as well.

19. Chhota  Bheem Theme:

Chhota  Bheem Theme

If you are in India you might have probably heard of Indian Harry potter, Chhota Bheem. This one will be easier and you can include tons of cartoon characters in the party decoration. Check out the decoration in Moms and Munchkins

20. Football Theme:

Football Theme

Last but not least, Football theme, this theme is great if your boy is fond of footballs. Check out the various party decoration ideas used in Karas party ideas.

Try some wonderful recipes to make for the birthday party in this article.

with this, I am sure by now you must have found out great ideas for birthday party theme and must have decided which party theme you want to go for. Try to follow the theme as far as possible but make it simple and easy for you as well.

All the best and do send me with pictures if you have tried any of these party themes.

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