17 Craft activities for kids that are fun, easy, and will keep them entertained

Craft activities for kids that are fun, easy, and will keep them entertained

As parents, we are always on a search for Craft activities for kids that are fun, easy, and will keep them entertained for a long especially during vacations, weekends, and other holidays.

Though we want them to be involved in safe and fun-filled outdoor games and activities, many times the weather is not favorable, either it is too cold or too hot or raining.  And for this reason, I have come up with 17 such useful crafts activities for kids and toddlers that you can do at home which are fun to do, easy to make, and will keep your kid entertained for a long time.

These crafts are for sure more entertaining than Cartoons shows and fun movies on Netflix and less difficult and messy than some fun science experiments for kids.

These crafts are easy to do crafts so it does not matter whether you are a complete beginner like me or a creative pro.

Easy Crafts for Kids:

1. Homemade Play Dough:

How to make fresh play dough

These Play doughs are for sure more therapeutic and educational and are fun molding the fresh play dough in various shapes, our little ones enjoy this a lot. Their soft muscles will develop strength, control, coordination and will help them develop fine motor skills while playing around with these soft and fresh play doughs.

How to make fresh play dough: get the recipe here

2. Chatter box or fortune teller

How to make Chatterbox

A Chatterbox or a fortune teller is a fun origami activity craft that requires a few papers and pens to do. It cannot get easier than this. A group favorite, kids will love making these and playing them with friends and family.

How to make Chatterbox: get the recipe here

3. DIY stickers

How to make stickers

Which kid does not like stickers and a good sticker book? This activity for sure is one of the favorite crafts for kids since your little one can create their own personalized stickers and will also allow them to use their imagination to reach skyrocket

How to make stickers: Get the method here

4. Paper Jellyfish

How to make Jelly fish

These jolly jellyfish are one of the favorite crafts for kids. They are also a great kids’ bedroom decoration – you can hang them just above the kids’ bed or on the curtain railings. All the equipment like papers, ribbons, etc must be available in your house.

How to make Jellyfish: Get the method here

5. Rainbow wands:

How to make a Rainbow wand

These rainbow wands are a fun activity that doubles up the joy as a kid’s activity and also as a decoration item. You can use glitters, colorful ribbons, scissors, and glue to assemble. Kids can always use their imagination and use beads, gems, and other accessories as they find appropriate.

How to make a Rainbow wand: Get the method here

6. Paper Pinwheel craft

How to make Paper Pinwheel Craft

Pinwheel crafts are a great activity for kids for the drawing papers of the previous year. Instead of throwing them, encourage your kid to make a pinwheel out of them. These cute Pinwheels are not only cute but will also make your kid happy since they are learning to recycle their old drawing papers.

How to make Paper Pinwheel Craft: Get the method here

7. Rainbow Sun catchers

How to make Rainbow Sun Catchers
Another favorite activity for the Kids is to make Rainbow Suncatchers – a perfect decorative craft for the Kid’s room. Make these crafts during winter or summers and hang them around kids’ bedroom and your kid will be dazzled by the light sending colorful beams across the room.

How to make Rainbow Sun Catchers: Get the method here

8. Pen Pots or Pen Holders

How to make Homemade Pen Pots

These homemade Pen Holders are a great craft and a gift for a birthday party of friends and relatives or for Mother’s day or Father’s day.

How to make Homemade Pen Pots: Get the method here

9. Paper Hats

How to make Paper Hats

Origami Paper hats are a great craft that can be made from any old newspaper or waste wrapping paper or from your kid’s last year drawing papers.  This craft is a great way to develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and concentration skills.

How to make Paper Hats: Get the method here

10. DIY dreamcatchers:

How to make Dreamcatchers

Kids love to get creative with beads and colorful feathers. Dream catchers are a great craft as they can help them relieve any anxiety or any bad dreams or nightmares too. Help them construct their own dreamcatchers with these colorful beads and feathers and have them in the kid’s bedrooms

How to make Dreamcatchers: Get the method here

11. Eastern Pompom animals:

How to make Pom-Pom animal

One of our holiday special crafts is the soft Pom-Pom animals. You require only a few things like wool yarn, scissors, and some black buttons for the eye and you are ready to go. Your kids can add them to their stuffed toys collection.

How to make Pom-Pom animals: Get the method here:

12. Paper Lantern/Kandil

How to make Paper Lantern

This craft can be done during the festive season of Diwali. Encourage your kid to make a Paper Lantern and you can use these Lanterns for the festive season to hang outside your home, your kids will be happy to see them lit with beautiful colored light.

How to make Paper Lantern: Get the method here

13. Glitter Jars:

How to make a Glitter jar

These glitter jars are surely therapeutic and have a calming effect on the kids. It can be created with simple 5 steps using a clean jam Jar, Glitter, and water. You and your kid can have a quiet and calming moment watching the glitter fall and will also help recentre your energies, focus, and any stress.

How to Make a Glitter jar: Get the method here:

14. Paper sunshine

How to make paper sunshine

Have had a birthday party at home recently? Then surely you will have lots of paper plates going spare in your kitchen. You can make good use of these to make paper sunshine with just a few ingredients like yellow and black paint and paper plates.

How to make paper sunshine: Get the method here

15. Paper Boat:

How to make paper Boats

Much like paper hats, these paper boats are easy to make with any old newspaper or card paper in your house. Encourage your child to make these boats and make be add to their craft collection books.

How to make paper Boats: Get the method here:

16. Paper Fan

How to make Paper Fan

These paper crafts make beautiful decorations for your kid’s bedroom or Kids’ tent. Made with plain or textured and colorful papers, these paper fans make the kid’s room look beautiful

How to make Paper Fan: Get the method here

17. Tin Can Kites

How to Make Tin Can Kites

This one is a different craft made out of Tin. These tins can kite will brighten any dull day. With a cupboard full of tins, you will definitely be bound to spare few tins that can be used for this craft. Get your child to make use of these tins, use their imagination and create Tin Can Kites with different colors and lots of ribbons.

How to Make Tin Can Kites: Get the method here


These easy-to-do Crafts will keep your child busy for some time, make them creative with various colors and shapes. improve their motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and overall development of your child and will also give you some free time for yourself. So, go ahead and try these crafts with your kids and I am sure you and your child will love the outcome of these crafts.

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