14 Easy crafts you can make and sell as a stay at home Mom

14 Easy crafts that you can make and sell as a stay-at-home mother

14 Easy Crafts you can make and sell as a stay-at-home Mom. So, when I was pregnant for the first time, I had quit my Job and there, I had a lot of time in the world to do a lot of things, things that I always wanted to do but never had the time to do.

So now was the time, I started with knitting baby sweater, painting, Stitching baby clothes and then my dear friend suggested that I can even sell these crafts since there were really that beautiful and adorable.

I started researching and found that there are tons of crafts that you can make and sell, like Candle making, Make Cakes and Chocolates, Donuts, and endless opportunities. And if you are a stay-at-home mom that why not make and sell these beautiful crafts and sell.

And with the ever-growing social media that we are surrounded with, you don’t need to even go and open an outlet in some mall or a Stall at some trade fairs. Btw here in Bangalore, Trade fairs are a common and popular practice for selling such crafts.

You can sell your crafts online by Joining Facebook groups Buy/Trade/Sell groups or Pinterest Boards.

You can also sell on Amazon or Flipkart or Snapdeal.

Okay, so now let’s see how to sell your Crafts:

1. Start your own Blog:

By far, the most profitable way to make crafts and sell is to start your own blog and sell your Crafts.

Buy a Domain name and Hosting and start blogging.


 once you start getting enough visitors vising your site, your website purchase will increase.

Read here on How to start Blogging for mommies

2. Start Shopify site:

If you don’t want to go that way of blogging and then start selling, start your own online store by starting your own website on Shopify.

3. Start selling on Amazon/Flipkart/Snapdeal:

If you are not ready for any investment and want to start selling straight from home, then selling on Amazon/Flipkart/Snapdeal is good.

4. Digital Products:

What about digital products that you can offer from home?

Crafts and other handmade printable like drawings for the colors to be filled in or Craft books where origami crafts can be made are a good way to start.

Learn how to create some printables here

14 Easy crafts you can make and sell as a stay at home Mom

Okay, so now we have covered how to sell your Crafts, now let’s learn what are the various types of crafts that you can make and sell for profit.

1. Handmade Soap: How do you make Soap in Crafts?

How do you make Soap in Crafts?

Soap is a fun and easy craft to make and you don’t really need a lot of tools and equipment. You can get lots of inspiration from Pinterest and Youtube.

Here are some DIY soaps that you can make it at home

  1. Eucalyptus Soap
  2. Rosemary Soap
  3. Glycerine Soap Gem Soaps
  4. Lavender Chamomile Soap
  5. Loofah Soap

2. Bath Bombs: How do you make Bath Bombs at Home?

How do you make Bath Bombs at Home

Bath Bombs have been rising since early 2015 and the market is fizzing with Bath Bomb potions like ever before. There are very few inexpensive materials like Baking Soda, Epsom Salt, food coloring, etc., that you require to make the Bath Bombs.

Here are few Bath Bombs DIY recipes that you can take inspiration from:

Bath Bombs for kids

3. Candles: How to make Candles from Scratch that smell good?

How to make Candles from Scratch that smell good

Candles, specially Scented Candles make a great gift option and are in demand all around the year and are used on almost all occasions. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine’s and many holidays that require Candles and you will surely have customers coming back for more.

Buy in bulk wax, scented oils, and food colors and you can create Candles with different fragrances in different shapes.

4. Printed Throw Pillows: How do you make printed pillows at Home:

How do you make printed pillows at Home

Printed throw pillows have a huge demand in the home décor industry with an estimate of 60 million dollars and are increasing every year.

Get inspired here for a DIY throw pillows recipe:

DIY Throw Pillow

5. Resin Jewellery:

Resin Jewellery

Resin Jewellery is an easy-to-make craft and starter kit you can easily get buy online. If you are creative and have an eye for details then creating Resin Jewellery will be an easy task for you to make.

How to make resin Jewellery:

DIY Resin Jewellary

6. Keychains: How do you make homemade Keychains:

How do you make homemade Keychains

Keychains are one craft that never goes out of demand. You can make Keychains as an identity piece, animals broadcast an animal lover, travelers love scenes from tourist attractions, initials of the names or the name keychains are also a great way to make it as an identity piece.

Make use of Canvas, Leather, Clay, Plastic, or cloth to make the keychains. You can sell it to Men and women both to make your customer base large.

DIY Keychain Tutorials

7. Tote Bags: How do you make a Simple ToteBag

How do you make a Simple ToteBag

Tote bags never go out of fashion and almost everyone uses Tote Bags for carrying their groceries. As more and more states are cutting down on Plastics, the demand for Tote Bags is increasing

These are easy to make and inexpensive to make. Make unique designs as your brand and there you go

DIY Tote Bags

8. Lip Balms: How to make natural Lip balm at home

How to make natural Lip balm at home

Well, I guess, everyone loves lip balms and you know it takes just beeswax, coconut oil, Vitamin E, and microwave and within 5 minutes your Lip Balm is ready. You can easily get these things online.

Use this video to start making Lip Balm at home and sell it.

DIY Lip Balm

9. Coasters: How do you make homemade Coasters?

 How do you make homemade Coasters

Coasters are a great companion for all the coffee and tea lovers around the world, especially if you want to have them on your work desk or a coffee table. If you are starting for the first time then Coasters are a great way to start. You can use a wide variety of materials like wood, plastic, textiles, cloth, leather glass, and even concrete. Add customization of various holidays and occasions like Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, weddings, or even for offices.

DIY coasters

10. Wood magnets: How do you make wooden Magnets:

How do you make wooden Magnets

Anyone who loves a little woody and earthy look in their house will definitely go for Wooden Magnets.

DIY Wooden Magnets

11. DIY Lotion bars:  How do you make lush Lotion bars:

How do you make lush Lotion bars

Lotions bars are easy to make and a fast-selling craft. All the ingredients that go in this are natural and you must try making this. Just keep attention on the packaging and the ingredients mentioned on the package for a faster selling

Explore the DIY lotion bar recipe

12. Coconut Sugar Scrub:

Coconut Sugar Scrub

Who does not want to pamper themselves with the softness of their skin after using coconut sugar scrub?

Only a few ingredients are required to make Coconut Sugar Scrub which are

½ cup virgin coconut oil

1 cup white castor sugar

1 teaspoon of cocoa powder

Few drops of essential oils for fragrance

1 Jar

Put all the ingredients in the Jar and shake well and there you are, your Coconut Sugar Scrub is ready.

DIY Coconut Sugar Scrub

13. Magnets:  How do you make homemade Magnets

How do you make homemade Magnets

Fun, cheerful and happy Magnets are a good gift to give away, and also they are extremely inexpensive to make.

Get some Resin, magnets, and some colorful designs and pictures and there you are ready to make them.

DIY Magnets

14. Kids Toys: How do you make homemade toys

How do you make homemade toys

Kids love toys and by creating DIY toys for children of different ages, you can share your toys with them who will love your products.

You just need some cloth, paint, and some stuffing and you are ready to go.

How do you make homemade toys


Whether you have been doing DIY craft for years or are a newbie, these DIY project ideas are a great way to start your business and start selling. From Toys to soaps to candles, the possibilities are endless. Today consumers are moving from mass manufacturing of these items to those created by individual craftsmen with lots of love and passion.

Get inspired and start today.

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